It’s Never a Dull Moment at Pere Marquette!

The Deck BBQ & Beer

1601 Beach Street,
Muskegon, MI 49441

(231) 755-5022



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    All hands On Deck!

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    Nothing beats a Michigan summer on the beach. Blue skies, white sands, great music, and a fresh breeze off Lake Michigan. Breathtaking vistas everywhere you look! Now, imagine being able to work in such an idyllic environment. Wouldn't that be a dream?

    That dream is a reality when you join The Deck family! You'll work in an upbeat, high energy, team environment, offering great food and first class hospitality! Top that off with our location on Pere Marquette Beach and you've got the perfect job for your summer break from college! So fill out our application form and get set to work in paradise!

    About the Deck

    The Deck is located at The Ovals on Pere Marquette beach. We're so close to the water you won't be dry by the time you get here. But it's cool. You're always welcome to take a load off and enjoy some of our slow-smoked barbecue or a cold beer. Do summer right this year, get down to the beach and relax at The Deck.

    Summer in Muskegon is one of a kind. So we made Muskegon's only beach-front restaurant one of a kind as well. At The Deck, you can enjoy a great view, a great atmosphere and great food. You need to wear a shirt and shoes (apparently that's the law), but other than that, come as you please. You don't have to dress up for us. As long as you like finger-licking barbecue, kicking your feet up after a hard day (or not) and having a good time, then you're welcome here.

    Parking will be free to city residents, and cost $5 per day for visitors ($7 on Saturdays). Visitors may also pay $20 for a summer pass. The Deck will validate parking by taking $5 off visitors' tabs if they bring their slips in with them.